Bankruptcy, Restructuring & Insolvency

Kaufman Lawyers is proud to include among their professionals, attorneys who defend the interests of the firm’s clients in matters of bankruptcy, restructuring and insolvency, for which they offer pragmatic solutions, advice and strategies in line with the business' particular industry.

The firm represents and serves institutional and private lenders, suppliers, landlords and other creditors, as well as, debtors and their directors.

When assisting a creditor, Kaufman's  specialists strive to maximize the realisation value of the security provided. Many banks, financial institutions and trustees are clients of the firm, who rely on us to maximize their recovery payout and assist them in asserting their rights.

When representing debtors, Kaufman's  attorneys look for innovative and pragmatic solutions and seek to match their clients with alternate sources of financing, investors or prospective buyers. In such situations, the firm's goal is to establish a positive relationships among the parties so that all may benefit.

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