Civil & Commercial Litigation - Alternative Dispute Resolution

Kaufman Lawyers offers a team of attorneys specializing in litigation, who are regularly called upon to act in times of crisis.

These professionals accompany clients through the litigation process, whether through provincial or federal courts or in arbitration, for the duration of the judicial process: from the drafting of pleadings to trial, as well as accompanying clients in mediation, conciliation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Before pursuing litigation, Kaufman's  attorneys educate their clients on the applicable law and legal precedents, the estimated length of proceedings and the potential costs involved, in order to make an informed choice.

Kaufman  Lawyers offers legal counsel and defends the interest of Canadian chartered banks and other financial institutions, municipalities, manufacturers and importers, public and private corporations, landlords, real estate developers and trustees on a regular basis.

Kaufman lawyers offers expertise to both plaintiffs and defendants in matters of:

  • Manufacturer or distributor liability
  • Professional responsibility (regulated and non-regulated professions)

  • Commercial disputes
  • Disputes arising from the closing, execution, termination & breach of contracts
  • Litigation related to the sale of a business
  • Litigation following a breakdown in negotiations
  • Contractual & civil liability
  • Directors' & officers' liability
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Banking litigation and realisation of securities
  • Injunctions, safeguard orders & seizures of any kind
  • Disputes relating to commercial leases

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