Labour & Employment Law

Kaufman Lawyers  offers a team of attorneys specialising in litigation, who are ready to act and are adept at crisis management. Kaufman's specialised legal team offers clients, whether corporate employers, officers, executives, or professionals, a vast array of services in matters pertaining to labour & employment law.

The Labour & Employment Law expertise of Kaufman lawyers includes:

  • Advice and representation both at hiring and at termination (individual or collective);
  • Advice and representation in employer-employee relationship management;
  • Advice and analysis of the impact of mergers & acquisitions on the labour force; 
  • Review, analysis and opinions on individual employment contracts, and common clauses, such as: non-competition, non-solicitation, confidentiality, "golden parachute", etc...;
  • Legal opinions on the effects of employment legislation such as the Labour Standards Act, the Quebec Labour Code, the Canadian Labour Code, workplace health & safety laws, federal and provincial director liability laws and the charters of rights;
  • Proceedings (prosecution and defense) before administrative tribunals or courts in matters of termination of employment, psychological harassment, breach of loyalty, fraud or wrongdoing by employees and directors;
  • Guidance in the selection of other professionals, such as: actuaries, reassignment advisors and accounting experts, whether in the case of the termination of a single employee or large scale lay-offs;
  • Advice on the tax effects of compensation received in the context of employment termination;
  • Acting as conciliators or assessors.

Because Kaufman's    attorneys specialised in labour & employment law adhere to the original values set forth by the firm, they commit to:

  • Listening to and understanding the needs and objectives of each client
  • Being innovative and keeping an open mind in every situation, keeping in mind that clients often prefer clear, simple solutions
  • Being accessible and rise our best abilities in giving our clients choices and alternatives
  • Being responsible, and, keep under all circumstances, a conduct that is realistic, sensible, and ethically correct, so to assure that our clients have the benefit of receiving, and of being perceived as, having sought, honest, firm, fair and highly professional representation.

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