Venture Capital

Kaufman Lawyers offers a team of professionals specialised in mezzanine financing and venture capital.

Kaufman  Lawyers     represents venture capital firms, institutional investors and borrowers of all sizes from various industries.

These professionals accompany investors through every stage of the transaction, from the investment structure to due diligence and document preparation, such as the subscription agreement, the shareholders' agreement, the purchase agreement and employment contracts.

Our professionals are also here to guide businesses, both start-ups and well-established companies, through financing procedures by way of mezzanine or equity loans, from searching for strategic financial partners to preparing the necessary documentation and negotiating all aspects of the transaction. Because every company has unique financial needs, Kaufman's  attorneys will assist clients in finding the best possible financing that suits their business.

Each case is handled with a practical approach that takes into consideration the commercial and financial interests at stake.

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