Are your clients refusing or neglecting to pay invoices despite the fact that services were rendered and/or goods delivered? Do you want to know how to recover your money quickly, what are the next steps to take and what are your odds of success?

If your receivables are remaining unpaid despite numerous reminders, our attorneys can help you collect the debt through a lawsuit.

Once the invoices and proof of delivery have been reviewed, Kaufman Lawyers will quickly and efficiently send a demand letter and take legal action.

Our attorneys can also investigate the solvency of your debtor in order to evaluate whether a lawsuit is worthwhile, the likelihood of being able to collect the debt and to determine the best strategy to collect the debt.

In the case of a debtor's bankruptcy, our attorneys can also advise you in regards to filing a proof of claim and/or other possible legal recourses in matters of bankruptcy, or taking action against a third-party (guarantor, director's personal responsibility, etc...).

Kaufman's  attorneys are here to efficiently represent and assist you in resolving issues relating to outstanding debt.

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