Prosecuting & Defending Lawsuits in Court and Anticipating Litigation

For any company, public or private, ending up in court is never the first choice.

Nevertheless, all companies and professionals eventually face litigation, whether it be  with a supplier, client, shareholder, tenant, partner, employee, competitor or other. Lawsuits pose a risk for all economic players.

Kaufman  Lawyers will represent you in all kinds of commercial litigation, before all levels of courts.

Our attorneys will listen and take the time necessary to understand the situation, ask questions, help you to understand cryptic court documents and offer you a detailed explanation of court proceedings. Our attorneys are conscientious of the worries of business owners and offer knowledgeable legal advice with special attention to the financial impact these decisions will have on your business. They are experienced in negotiating favourable settlements and finding rapid, efficient solutions to even the most complex litigation.

Anticipating litigation

Our attorneys can also advise you throughout your business relationships, in order to minimize the risks of one day facing a lawsuit.

To do so, our attorneys can help you identify risks within your business and implement best practices for keeping records and preserving evidence.

To learn more about our litigation team, please refer to the following section:

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