Structuring Employee Compensation

In this economy, it is essential for the sake of both employers and employees, that businesses properly structure their compensation plans. Our professionals can assist and advise you according to your specific needs, expectations and goals.

Our professionals will assist you in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of your compensation structure, and will recommend different options to consider in regards to its various elements.

Employee compensation is a major component of an employment contract, so having the proper structure in place allows businesses to retain and motivate their talent.

Kaufman Lawyers professionals will guide you through negotiating, drafting and implementing various elements of compensations plans, such as:

  • Base salary
  • Variable salary (bonus programs, commissions, profit sharing, long term investment programs, etc...)
  • Stock option plans
  • Share purchase plans
  • Deferred compensation plans
  • Vacation time and paid holidays
  • Group insurance
  • Reimbursement or allowances
  • Company vehicles
  • Retirement plans (supplemental pensions plans, group RRSPs, voluntary retirement savings plans, etc...)
  • Severance

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