History and Business Culture

Kaufman  focuses on the business when giving advice to its clients and offers them a complete and diverse range of services, with support from tax specialists, financial institutions and partnering accountants.

Kaufman, Business Lawyers

Created in 1934, Kaufman is a firm of business lawyers, offering personalised service to corporate and institutional clients in the areas of law affecting their businesses.

Kaufman  attorneys are members of the Quebec Bar and are well-known in the areas of law related to business and financial institutions.

Kaufman is Here to Help

Kaufman assists clients pragmatically; we constantly strive to find the perfect solution, personalised to the specific needs at hand.

Kaufman professionals uphold the highest ethical standards, with integrity and professionalism, always striving to offer clients the best possible service.

Kaufman is member of a national and international network of attorneys, accountants and tax specialists, which allows them to offer legal advice not only in Canada, but across the globe.

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