Moving Staff Abroad or Recruiting Foreign Staff

Globalisation greatly affects businesses and, as a result, companies may want or need to:

  • send employees abroad
  • recruit foreign workers
  • establish a subsidiary in Quebec

Our professionals can assist you in executing your projects as well as in implementing a strategic plan.

In the case of businesses that wish to set up a location in Quebec or recruit foreign workers, our firm can assist you in:

  • Informing you about your rights and obligations under applicable Quebec and Canadian legislation
  • Drafting employment agreements that reflect a temporary or permanent assignment of determined or undetermined duration, as well as any other documentation necessary to regulate the employer-employee relationship
  • Guiding you towards resources necessary to obtain permits and/or other required authorisations
  • Guiding you towards resources to help you understand and implement tax deductions and any applicable tax, social security or other statutory contributions

In the case of businesses who wish to send employees abroad, our professionals can assist in:

  • Guiding you towards resources that will inform you of your rights and obligations in regards to applicable legislation or regulations in the destination province, state or country
  • Analysing and offering legal counsel in regards to the effects and consequences of such a move on agreements already in place in Quebec and in regards to this employer-employee relationship
  • Negotiating, drafting and coordinating all necessary documents to record the working conditions for a temporary or permanent move

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