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Managing Employer-Employee Relations

A significant portion of the costs and energy spent on running your business, particularly in the current economic context, are related to human resources and labour relations and the numerous legal aspects relating to such matters.

Conscious of the growing challenges associated with these aspects of your business, our labour & employment law team is committed to assisting you, our client, in building a solid legal framework to your business and guiding you every step of the way in dealing with your human resources and labour relations issues, whether it be at the time of hiring or termination or other day-to-day problems, including:

  • The intricacies of employment law in the scope of corporate or financial transactions, due diligence, sale of a business, staff reductions, dismissals and severance claims
  • Service & employment agreements, employee handbooks and policy manuals
  • Disciplinary issues
  • Sickness, maternity and parental leave issues
  • Labour litigation before the civil courts and before the specialised labour and arbitral tribunals
  • International employment
  • Negotiating collective agreements and other questions arising in a unionised workplace
  • Executive compensation and support for human resources committees
  • Discrimination and harassment
  • Fiduciary duties
  • Unfair competition
  • Restrictive covenants

Our philosophy in this, as in all other matters, is based on an approach that is expressed in plain business language, to offer you, our client, clear choices in making sound decisions focused on the continued success and growth of your business, through well-managed labour relations and human resources.

Our labour & employment attorneys not only provide insightful, thoughtful, firm and fair handed advice; they also possess these qualities, which reflects favourably on them and their clients.